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  • St. Nicholas

    St. Nicholas

    A 10" x 8" oil painting of St. Nicholas painted exactly 10 yrs ago to celebrate his feast day. I'll be painting a similiar portrait at the Museum of Spiritual Art in Franklin Ohio on Sunday Dec. 17.

    I'll start with a blank canvas at about 11:00 am and will have a finished painting between 4-5pm. Everybody who attends the museum that day will have a free chance in a raffle for the original art! You don't have to be there for the drawing at 5:00 pm. We will deliver or ship the art to the winner. Whether you are there for five minutes or five hours you'll have a chance to win the painting!

    I'll be glad to discuss the process while I paint for anybody interested.

    The museum is located at 318 S. River St. Franklin Ohio 45005. Admission is free.